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How And When To Use A Fire Extinguisher?

Posted by Admin on June, 19, 2020

Although fire extinguishers are an important safety tool, many adults are unaware of how to use them. We must understand how & when to use the tool properly to help save both life and property. Not knowing how to operate a fire extinguisher in case of an emergency could lead to severe damages.

When To Use The Fire Extinguisher
It is very important to understand when to use the tool. The fire extinguisher was useful in a small fire. Make sure to alert inhabitants of the property to ensure the safety of all. In case you unsure of the extent of damage call the fire department. Keep children away when using a fire extinguisher and escape from the clear route.

How to Use:-
1 The first thing to do is pull the fire extinguisher pin. Point the nozzle away from yourself and then release the lock mechanism
2 Always aim lower. Angle the fire extinguisher to the based the fire and then slowly squeeze the fire extinguisher lever and sweep it from one side to another.

Importance and Maintenance
Having a fire extinguisher at уоur house and workplace is not enough for safety purposes. Make sure that you maintain it. Listed below are few pointers to keep in mind to use and maintain a fire extinguisher

Easy Accessibility
When installing fire extinguisher make sure that be it is easily visible as well as you can easily reach for it at the time of emergency.

Check Pressure Level
The pressure level is of great importance hence checks the tool is the pressure is very high or very low. There are gauges installed in a variety of fire extinguishers to show the pressure level of the tool.

Ensure That all the parts are working
Nothing can be worse than finding the tool has damaged or denting parts in the case of an emergency. A small fire can easily turn into the severe fire with passing time. Hence conduct regularly.

Checks To Ensure That All Parts Are Working Cleanliness
Maintain the fire extinguishers are an essential part of it working if and when needed. Clean the fire extinguishers from dust, dirt, or grease of any kind of help maintain the tool.
Apart from this, read the guidelines prescribed to fully understand its function and safety rules. Some types of extinguisher require shaking every month while others require testing pressure in a gap of years or two. There and lots of fire extinguishers suppliers in Delhi that offer quality products at reasonable prices for their valuable customers.

Thus, make sure that you should keep the above point before making an order to any suppliers. You should also keep in mind that such delivery of fire extinguishers made by the supplier also provides after-sales services to you.
There are lots of suppliers who are providing after-sales service to the customers for any kind of renewal of their contract of fire extinguishers. Fire extinguishers are very important for the safety of your property and office premises. Thus fire extinguishers should be well maintained and also renew the terms timely. Thus make sure that it is kept handy for your safety.

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