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Which Type Of CCTV Camera Is Best For Home & Commercial?

Posted by Admin on August, 10, 2021

Security of our homes and offices has gradually increased as we have wrapped ourselves in the technological era. Howsoever every problem has now a technological solution to it. CCTV cameras are now the new security guard that is flawless and can ensure the security of the house and office as well.
Wherever we want we can always track the happenings inside our home and work through the Closed Circuit Camera or the CCTV installed.
Previously it was not possible to track then and there but now with smartphones and more and more technological evolutions, it has become really easy to ensure the security of the workplace or homes.

Varieties Of CCTV Cameras
There is a wide variety of CCTV cameras available in the market and they include a wide spectrum of security surveillance. These not only ensure security but also come in various sizes and shapes.
Some of the most popular CCTV cameras available in India are:
• Dome Shaped CCTV
• Bullet CCTV
• Infrared Detection CCTV
• Wireless CCTV
• High Definition HD Cameras
Some of the above-mentioned cameras are quite elegant and very necessary for any Official Space or household.

The need for CCTV Camera
People lead a very busy life in Metropolitan Areas and the standard of living is also very high in these cities therefore there rises an urgent need of security to their personal belongings. Due to this factor, there had been a rapid growth of the CCTV Camera suppliers in Delhi, the National Capital of India, and other metropolitan cities as well.
Data security has been one of the most important domains for ages and hence the offices are well equipped with CCTV Cameras. It helps to keep a look over all employees during the working hours and also during nonworking hours it ensures the safety of an empty office floor.
We keep all our important and valuable products In our houses and CCTV Cameras are really useful to keep track of any outsider and criminal activities that occur without us noticing.

Different Cameras for Different Uses
As discussed earlier various types of CCTV cameras are put to use. Various cameras are used for various purposes and every camera cannot be used everywhere. The work of different CCTV cameras is as follows:
1) Dome Shaped Camera: as the name suggests the camera is dome-shaped. The dome shape makes it difficult to understand which area is actually under surveillance. These are used in indoor as well as outdoor areas.
2) Bullet Cameras: These cameras are great for outdoor purposes. They have a great feature to focus on long-distance objects. The Bullet Cameras can also record at night without lights. These are really useful for commercial purposes usually when the offices and shops are closed at night. The Bullet Cameras can also record at night without lights. These are great when set in lawns of houses or driveways and parking lots. These cameras also have infrared night vision.
3) C-mount Cameras: These cameras come with detachable lenses and can handle technological changes very easily. C-mount cameras can cover an area of nearly 40 to 45 feet where normal CCTV cameras are capable to cover only 35 feet.
4) High definition HD Cameras- the pictures and recording captured in these cameras are of high definition. These cameras are capable of capturing both during day and night and have low light mode enabled automatically.
5) Network Cameras: These cameras are connected to a network and they keep on sharing images with the help of that network. Any theft or criminal activities can be traced immediately. These are the best types of cameras for household and commercial purposes.
6) Infrared Detection Camera: Detects heat and transmits electrical signals which help prevent the accident. These are also known as Thermal Image Cameras.

Choosing the Correct CCTV Camera
Choosing the correct type of camera according to the work is the most challenging task to do. Hence it is recommended that there should be certain points that should be taken into account while installing or choosing the camera. They are:
1) the place of installation should be considered at first and then the type of camera should be chosen.
2) the correct type of lens should be checked and verified.
3) Censors should be taking into account and correct censors should be checked properly.
After choosing the correct CCTV camera from the correct supplier it should be installed with proper care and under proper guidance.

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