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Why Should You Select The MVWS System For Industrial Fire Extinguishing?

Posted by Admin on December, 23, 2021

Reasons for using MVWS System for Industrial Fire Extinguish

A medium velocity water spray system or MVWS is a water-based fire protection technology. MVWS technology is helpful to provide cooling the burning element or object in the large scale industry. This fire-resistant technology is useful in the industry, such as thermal power stations.

This technology sprays water at a medium velocity to the burning object. This unique fire protection technology helps protect against hazards involving light oils. If a fire occurs in a particular industry segment, this MVWS system protects the nearby structure from the massive heat during a fire by supplying continuous cooling spray.

Application of MVWS System

The unique areas where the MVWS system is very useful are as follows-

• Switchyard room, ash handling plant area, coal handling plant. water treatment plant

• Seawater intake plant, fuel oil pump house, ESP control room, cable gallery, coal transfer tower

• Fuel oil pumps house, fuel oil storage tanks, and crusher house. These sectors have unique technology that helps the MVWS system drastically.

Working Pattern of Water Spray System

The high or medium velocity water spray system operates as the deluge system. The deluge valve is a system control valve useful for the fast application of water in a spray system. The deluge valve is a hydraulically operated valve that has vast usefulness.

This technology has three chambers, but each section is isolated. On detection of fire, the top chamber of the MVWS system vents to the atmosphere through an outlet pipe. The upward force pressures the top section to allow the water to enter, and it helps the water flow out with the project in medium or high velocity. The water motor operates the alarm sound of this system.

Benefits of Using Firewater Spray System

The unique benefits of using a firewater spray system in the industrial fire occurrence are as follows-

• This system can minimise the damage that occurs due to fire and protect the future of the industry and business.

• A water spray system extinguishes fire rapidly and prevents fire from spreading to a large area.

• The design of the water spray system is unique and flexible, and the installation and implementation process of this system is also very unique.

• This technology usesa natural fire extinguisher agent that is water. The price of this system is not very high.

Fire-Water System Selection Process

When you decide to buy a velocity water spray system for the industrial application, you can choose a velocity water spray system in Delhi manufacturers for the following purposes.

Delhi manufacturers always try to provide the best quality water spray system for various industrial applications. The size of the water spray system depends on the size of the plant, and it is essential to select a good quality water spray system for different industries. You cannot use the same fire water spray system for every industry.

From the above information, one can understand the usefulness of the firewater system for various industrial applications. The price of this system is also reasonable for small-scale and medium-scale industries.

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